27 Best & Fun Things to do in Memphis TN

Fun Things to do in Memphis TN

Memphis, Tennessee, is a city that is rich in culture and history. There are many fun things to do in Memphis TN, from the music to the food and tourist attractions. Those looking for fun will never get bored. Memphis has something nice for everyone. Memphis should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a great place to visit. Be sure to check out some of the famous attractions, like Graceland or Beale Street.

You won’t be disappointed. There are lots of fun things to do in Memphis, and we’ve put together a list of our top twenty-seven favorites. Known for its blues and BBQ, Memphis is a city that offers plenty of Southern charm. So if you’re looking for some ideas on what to do during your next visit, check out our list.

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Fun things to do in Memphis TN

Believe me, you will have a lot to do in Memphis. The city is the birthplace of rock and roll. You will have the opportunity to visit many old historical sites that are now open to the public, places you will learn about the history of Memphis. In addition, there are several Memphis attractions, family shows, outdoor activities, and many more. Of course, you need to visit the Memphis city and see for yourself. If you are looking for the best things to do in Memphis or fun for all the family, in no particular order, here are 27 fun activities to enjoy while in Memphis.

1. A Schwab

A- Schwab: Fun things to do in Memphis TN

Schwab is unique to Memphis and is known for its diverse array of attractions. This small souvenir shop specializes in one-of-a-kind items that are not available anywhere else. It is located out of the way in a vintage-looking brick building on Beale Street. You haven’t seen the largest pair of overalls in the world, have you? You can even locate gag gifts, homemade novelty souvenirs and crafts, and black magic hoodoo amulets. Before you go, vending machines may fabricate some coffee or liquor.

Before you go, vending machines may fabricate some coffee or liquor. If you’re taking a snack, you can pack food from the concession and even a memento from the knick-knack shop. Schwaben is the city of choice in Memphis, Tennessee. It does not really matter what your tastes are because it provides so many exciting things to participate in that you literally do not know where to try to turn. It’s, therefore, a fine choice for a perfect afternoon.

2. The Fire Museum of Memphis

The fire museum of memphis

One of the best reasons to visit Memphis is to see the Fire Museum of Memphis. This museum is dedicated to the history of firefighting in the city. It’s housed in an old firehouse that dates back to 1894 and is filled with fascinating exhibits. You can learn about the great fires that have ravaged Memphis over the years, see old firefighting equipment, and even climb up to the top of a ladder truck.

The Fire Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of firefighting in the city. The museum features a number of exhibits on the history of firefighting in Memphis, as well as a variety of equipment used by the Memphis Fire Department throughout the years.

In addition, the Fire Museum is a great place to take the kids. They’re sure to love climbing up on the trucks and exploring all the exhibits. And you’ll love knowing that you’re supporting a great cause. The Memphis Fire Department runs the museum, and all of the proceeds go to support their work. So next time you’re planning a trip to Memphis, be sure to add the Museum of Memphis to your list of places to visit. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo

Over 3000 different animals at Memphis zoo are logically housed in nearly hundreds of buildings and habitats at the Zoo. It has received numerous awards as a result, and it is regarded as the one spot according to travel publications. The Memphis Zoo contains many fascinating attractions. Not only do you have the chance to gaze at your own pace at rare and exotic animals, but if you enjoy exploring other aspects of the natural world, the zoo has got you covered.

For example, there is a jungle section for tigers, lions, snow leopards, and cheetahs, and a special nocturnal exhibit for owls and bats. See the mythical light display at Zoo Lights in December, or have fun with the frightening event in October. If you want to discover local attractions in Memphis at night, stick around late. Visit a Zoo & Snooze. It’s also excellent fun, even if you’re simply a fan of penguin laser tag and banana-flinging monkeys. Memphis, Tennessee, is an incredible locale that you won’t want to skip, so be sure to add Memphis Zoo to your trip itinerary.

4. Southland Casino

Memphis Southland Casino

Due to its geographic location at the border between Arkansas and Mississippi, Memphis has strict gambling regulations but hopes to find a legal workaround. Another strategy they use is to direct people traveling to areas, e.g., Southland Casino. It is located in the West Memphis metropolitan area, which also technically falls under state borders outside.

The Casino of Southland is a destination for tourists and gamblers and provides a variety of instant-win items for consumption, such as slots, table games, and cards. You can also go to a few bars and restaurants in the casino.

There is an eatery on each of their two halves that has a variety of foods, so everyone can find something good on their menu. Weekends are sometimes filled with entertaining live acts. While you’re enjoying a drink, you can listen to the music or humor of a live music show. Since all of the laws are eliminated at the pleasure of the casino until it is time to pay up, going to Playland is a thoroughly exhilarating experience. If you have some extra money to afford a vacation in Memphis, why not bet at the famous Southland Casino?

5. Memphis Festival

Memphis festival

It is one of the fun events and experiences in Tennessee, and it’s a must-see for those who live near the area. The event is an annual celebration of art and culture. Vendors from every corner of the world come to set up gaming booths and shops. Countless chefs take part in an annual barbecue festival. Marathon participants enter an annual event in Memphis with the participation of 5,000 participants.

Thousands attend Memphis in May as well. Many have Tennessee accents, including sauce wrestling, a messy but fun affair where people fight in forty barbecue sauce gallons. Pig races and contests for pie-eating are also popular activities. After enjoying yourself, getting a little coleslaw on the shirt might be worth the extra laundry you have to put your clothes through.

6. Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium

When you want to explore Memphis history, there’s no better place to start than the Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium. This beloved Memphis institution is chock-full of fascinating exhibits and interactive displays that tell the story of the city and its people. From the early days of settlement to the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, the Pink Palace has something for everyone.

And the planetarium is out of this world! Literally. The Pink Palace is home to one of the largest and most sophisticated planetariums in the country. Visitors can take in a show about the night sky or the solar system and even take a virtual tour of the universe. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

So whether you’re a history buff or a space enthusiast, make sure to add the Pink Palace to your Memphis itinerary. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Memphis music hall of fame

Memphis music hall of fame

The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul museum is a must-see for music lovers of all ages. Located in the city that gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll, the museum tells the story of the music and its impact on the world.

The museum’s collection includes artifacts from some of the most influential musicians in history, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Visitors can see how these artists shaped the sound of rock ‘n’ roll and learn about the social and cultural context in which they lived and worked.

In addition to the artifacts, the museum features interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience the music firsthand. The museum is also home to the world’s largest collection of Elvis memorabilia, which is sure to impress even the most diehard Elvis fans.

Whether you’re a casual music fan or a diehard rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast, the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum is a must-see destination.

8. Autozone Park

Autozone park

New Orleans has a unique blend of different things, so when it is humid, you’ll smell something delicious in the air. If you’re near AutoZone Park, the smell of popcorn will give you away. AutoZone Park is home to the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. Located in the heart of downtown Memphis, AutoZone Park is just a short walk from some of the city’s best attractions, including Beale Street, the Zoo of Memphis, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

On a typical game day, the ballpark is filled with the sounds of cheering fans and the smell of hot dogs and popcorn. The Redbirds take the field, and the game begins. The fans are on their feet for nine innings, cheering for their team.

In addition, its old-school interior makes it a delightful place to hang around, and its roasted peanuts and hotdogs will set you back to times when a mere quarter could secure you. The distinctive features of its facilities include an indoor playground for kids and two separate open-air party decks for adults.

It also includes recurring events like sporting events and Memphis music concerts, as well as haunted attractions. Consider going to Memphis, Tennessee’s AutoZone Park, regardless of the time of year you visit. When you find yourself in Tennessee, you always know there’s a party going on at this fun little stadium.

9. Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic art

If you’re looking for a fascinating and educational way to spend an afternoon, the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art in Memphis, Tennessee, is a great option. This unique museum houses a wide variety of artifacts from Asia and the Judaic world, and is one of the only museums in the United States that is devoted to these cultures.

The museum was founded in 2002 by local philanthropist Myra Belle Shelby-Shapiro and has since become a hub for Asian and Judaic culture in the city. The museum’s collection includes traditional works of art from China, Japan, India, and the Middle East and more modern pieces from contemporary artists.

One of the highlights of the Belz Museum is the Chinese gallery, which features a wide variety of Chinese art and artifacts, including calligraphy, pottery, and jade. The Japanese gallery is also very popular and features a wide range of items, from traditional kimonos to modern paintings.

If you’re interested in learning more about the cultures of Asia and the Judaic world, the Belz Museum is a great place to start. The knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have, and the museum’s website provides a wealth of information about the collections and the cultures represented.

10. Mud Island river park

Mud island

With a name like Mud Island, this destination is one of the most beautiful in Tennessee and one of the best things to do in TN. An island located north of Memphis can only be reached by crossing a bridge or by the suspended monorail above it, so its scenery retains its natural, wild quality without being modified by human influence. After you arrive at Mud Island, the fun can start. There are various things to see and do on Mud Island, such as hiking, rafting, biking, picnicking, and getting a pedal boat rented. There are places to dine and shop.

A large amphitheater has symphonies on a regular basis. Mud Island is a wonderful destination that’s great for people of almost all ages. It always welcomes all those who might be traveling with children or teenagers. One of the fun family reunion spots around Memphis is Mud Island. It’s great fun and offers a beautiful photo backdrop to remind you of your fantastic trip to Tennessee.

11. Memphis brooks museum of art

Memphis brooks museum of art

The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art is one of the best museums in the country. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and is known for its incredible collection of art. The museum has a wide variety of art, including a large collection of American art, as well as a significant collection of European art. The museum also has a beautiful setting, with a stunning view of the Mississippi River.

The Brooks Museum of Art is a great place to visit if you are interested in art. The museum has a wide variety of art, and it is located in a beautiful setting. If you are looking for a place to see some incredible art, then you should definitely visit this museum.

12. The South Art District

South Art District

Overlooking the southern tip of downtown Memphis, the South Arts District is considered the main attraction in the city. You may also figure it out before you see it. It has been featured in several Hollywood motion pictures, including Elizabethtown. It started off as an annual Ferris wheel, traversing brick storefronts and colonial homes.

The walls and sidewalk at the marketplace are adorned with paintings. There is also a variety of handmade items available from vendors. You can enjoy a meal at one of your local, family-run restaurants or choose between using one of the trolleys or visiting a museum. Though it may not be as exciting as other places to visit, you may come to find it the largest in the city. There is no need to cut the activities you enjoy while on vacation in Tennessee short!

13. Memphis Botanic Garden

Memphis Botanic garden

It is located on the banks of Cherry Road, and you will find one top destination for all your botanical needs. The Memphis Botanic Garden is just as sweet and sounds exactly how it reads in its name: a place where nature prevails over manmade structures! A tranquil atmosphere awaits, with wildflowers filling any open spaces between trees. While streams flow throughout, providing soothing music to complement them during strolls through this beautiful landscape designed specifically by Mother Nature herself.

There are so many different kinds of gardens at the Botanic Garden, and some smell like roses. One even has bamboo water and plant wheels that make you feel as if your mind has been taken away into another world. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of colorful butterflies in this garden. If you sit long enough, they might land on your shoulders or lap. They offer an array of fun activities, e.g., brunches and also daffodil races, that help to engage a few little ones. These can bring families together in harmony!

14. national civil rights museum

Civil Rights Museum

Opposition to the Civil Rights Movement was at its peak in Memphis, Tennessee, after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in the month of April 1968. The city had long been a center for opposing racial integration and equal rights. The City of Memphis decided to use this former motel as a foundation for historical and cultural education. To commemorate its ugly heritage, they built the National Museum of Civil Rights around it.

The Museum of Freedom is a must-see for anyone who wants to know more about Tennessee’s long and painful struggle for equal rights. It’s full of photos and documents from that time period and artifacts like chains used by slaves before their freedom.

The museum also has many exhibits showcasing how far we’ve come since then, but there’s always something new waiting around every corner, so you never get bored. This Memphis museum strives to preserve history and educate visitors to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s march on Washington.

15. Tom Lee Park

Tom Lee Park

This is a perfect spot for those who want to get an up-close look at Memphis. It’s also close enough that you can still enjoy all of its natural beauty on your drive back into town after enjoying some time outside in Tom Lee Park! Located in the heart of Memphis, Tom Lee Park provides an oasis for those looking to catch their breath and relax. Whether you’re walking or biking along one of its many trails, this place will be perfect! The architecture in this city is something to be marveled at, with its designs and structures that date back centuries.

You can see everything from ancient pyramids all the way up to modern-day buildings—it truly does have an abundance of history! You can see almost everything, e.g., the Memphis Pyramid and the eye-catching skyline of this city, as you turn in a circle, and it’s so fascinating! The famous Tom Lee Park is a great place for both events and relaxation. It’s beautiful by day, but it becomes even more scenic at night with all of the lights shining on this huge space! You can go there anytime-no matter what season-because you’ll always have an amazing time in Memphis when visiting the famous park of Tom Lee.

16. Museum of Chucalissa Nash

Museum of Chucalissa

The Chucalissa Nash Museum is one of the best places in this region to learn more about the Native Americans that once occupied Memphis’ lands, and it’s only a stone’s throw away from some truly breathtaking scenery! The Visitors Center is a great place to spend some time and learn about the culture of these awesome people! You can take an exhibit tour or a self-guided walk through the museum.

And if you want more information from one friendly guide, they are available for chat at your convenience.

There are so many cool things to do in Memphis today! For example, you could visit the Museum of Memphis. This has artifacts from all over Tennessee and America on display. It will be like taking a trip back in time when cars were still king! And if souvenirs aren’t really what interests or captures your fancy, then how about some stunning Native American jewelry? All items made here use natural materials such as shells and animal teeth, which makes every piece unique.

17. Slave haven underground railroad museum

When most people think of the Underground Railroad, they think of the brave men and women who risked their lives to help slaves escape to freedom. But there was another side to the Underground Railroad – the places where those slaves found refuge. One of those places was Memphis, Tennessee.

The Memphis slave haven was run by a man named Isaac Fleetwood. Fleetwood was a former slave himself, and he used his own experience to help others escape. He set up a network of safe houses and tunnels, and he even built a false wall in his own home to hide escaped slaves.

 Fleetwood’s work was so successful that, at one point, Memphis was known as the “slave-holding city in the world.” But it wasn’t just Fleetwood’s work that made Memphis a haven for slaves. The city was also a stop on the Underground Railroad and was home to many abolitionists.

Today, you can learn all about the history of the Memphis slave haven at the Underground Railroad Museum. The museum is located in the same building as Fleetwood’s home, and it houses a number of artifacts from the Underground Railroad era. And this is one of the best museums in Memphis. If you’re interested in American history or just looking for a unique museum experience, the Underground Railroad Museum is definitely worth a visit.

18. Memphis Pyramid

Memphis Pyramid

The Memphis Pyramid is an iconic Tennessee landmark day and night. During the day, its steel walls shine with sunlight from every angle; while you’re sleeping, it becomes a multicolored LED light show that can be seen for miles around!

The Memphis Pyramid is an impressive structure that has become one of the most iconic landmarks in Tennessee. Its steel walls also glint with sunlight from every angle, while at night, it becomes a colorful display that can be seen for miles around! The mall offers a variety of shops and restaurants you can enjoy. You’ll also have access to some fun activities.

Memphis is a city full of unique attractions, but if you want to take your weirdness up another notch, then head straight for the Memphis Pyramid. You won’t be disappointed! The Memphis Pyramid might be one of the most famous landmarks in Tennessee, and it’s no wonder why. The building houses so much history, with sections dating back as far as 1300 BC! There are also supposed alien invasion theories that have been proposed by people who say they’ve seen footprints near its base.

19. The Museum of Children in Memphis

Museum of Children, Memphis

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is a lot more than just an educational institution. It has all sorts of noise-colored play areas for kids as well. The hands-on, interactive exhibits are sure to delight your little ones. On hot days, the splash pad is a perfect place to cool off and have fun. The carousel always has something going on when it rains or snows. Weekend programs include storytime as well as Zumba classes–perfect for parents looking to get some exercise while they listen in too!

There are plenty of things to see and do on this tour. For example, if your child likes dinosaurs, then they’ll be thrilled by all the exhibits dedicated just to them! You can also participate in interactive games that will teach you further things.

20. Graceland


Graceland has a special significance for anyone visiting Memphis. Standing where Elvis Presley lived, it’s one of the most well-known structures in the US. It towers over the White House in terms of annual visitors. Climb to the top of the observation tower and come into the impressive, colonial-style mansion! As a rock and dance history buff, you’ll appreciate spending the tour of bedrooms, billiard rooms, and basements looking at memorabilia.

Consider the antique automobiles and the great antique airplane that Elvis kept at his mansion and which is also named after Elvis Presley’s daughter. Graceland is an incredible place owing to the fact that Elvis Presley was buried there on the ground. Flowers always adorn his resting place, and if you pay special tribute to his memory on specific anniversaries, you can attend the memorial service with the world’s mourners through geography, history, and culture. Graceland should be one of your first stops on a visit to Memphis.

21. Beale Street

Beale street

It is not only a popular center for shopping, music, dining, fashion, nightlife, art, and numerous other activities, but it also boasts a long-standing reputation as a potent symbol of the blues movement. Its proximity to the Mississippi River led to Memphis’s becoming a popular tourist site and location for businesses. With performers always able to draw a crowd, unique talents find opportunities to perform. This caused a specific development in the African and American communities, and blues music monopolized the music industry on Beale Street.

Beale Street now offers everything from very expensive restaurants to pricey nightclubs. There are several museums and galleries that offer opportunities to see original artifacts from the past, such as hymnals, paintings, and theatrical scripts. It is one of the areas in Memphis that you do not want to miss, Tennessee. There’s always interesting and entertaining stuff to see, regardless of one’s entertainment preferences. Regarding relevance, there is no one that does as good a job as its storied history.

22. Arcade Restaurant

Arcade restaurant

Arcade Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Memphis. A stylish restaurant with cartoonish light displays flashes as a bright beacon to draw hungry travelers to downtown Memphis. Retro elements carry over into the restaurant. Old photographs and posters adorn the walls; comfortable seats remind you of ponytails and poodle skirts. An Elvis-themed restaurant commemorates the place where Elvis Presley typically ate breakfast.

Huge Tennessee locations for Elvis enthusiasts are abundant, including his keepsake locations. You have plenty of food at the arcade to satisfy your hunger. A wide variety of southern dishes are its specialty, including ham, biscuits, grits, gravy, and also sweet potato pancakes. The restaurant might be one of the oldest in Memphis, but the menu is updated constantly, and it never goes dark. The arcade is one of the best places to visit in Memphis if you are hungry, and its worldwide cuisine will blow you away.

23. Shelby Farms park

Shelby Farms Park

It lies thousands of kilometers across Tennessee, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, and has swamps, wetlands, and abundant plants as far as a person’s eye can see. It’s a must-see for all animal and nature lovers. And it’s one of the fun things to do in Memphis with kids. You don’t need to act like a hippie to like Shelby Farms. You can strive to maintain a laborious pace during mountain climbing, rowing, or cycling, or you can relax by playing golf or running around a BMX park.

Shelby Farms park can offer a great vacation spot for your pets. This weekend, see a variety of things in Memphis; pack a bag and head to Shelby Farms. You do not require a permit. You don’t have to obtain any RV campers. Parks don’t have boundaries, so you can drive in and start your adventure.

24. Sun Studio, TN

Sun Studio

It is derived from the origins of the rock and roll phenomenon in the 1950s when the world’s first recorded rock song was recorded. It’s also a launching pad for popular celebrities; it’s where many famous musicians got their start. Its halls have hosted a variety of famous musicians, including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Sun Studio is a popular tourist destination in Memphis, Tennessee. Rock attractions are on offer all day for those who are seeking to get immersed in the history of music.

You can obtain things such as the old recording studio used by B.B. King and the device that Elvis Presley used to make one of his first hits. When you finish sightseeing, you can pick up some souvenirs at the gourmand gift shop stuffed with goodies from the 50s. If you are searching for fun things to do in Memphis, TN, be sure to check out Sun Studio. Old Town is unquestionably one of the top tourist spots in Nashville, and music enthusiasts should not miss it.

25. Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Stax museum

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music is dedicated to preserving the history of soul music and the impact it had on the world. The museum is located in the same building as the original Stax Records studio, where legends like Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, and the Staples Singers recorded some of the most iconic soul songs of all time.

The interactive exhibits are one of the best parts of the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. You can step into a recreation of the recording studio and get a taste of what it was like to be a soul musician in the 1960s. You can also check out some of the original instruments and equipment used by the Stax artists.

26. Orpheum Theater, Memphis city

Orpheum theater

Situated in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, the Orpheum Theater is one of the most revered and longest-running theatres in the entire state. It is also one of the fun things to do in Memphis for couples. It welcomes the most popular Broadway shows and acts as a central location for all sorts of musical theater.

You should go to the Orpheum Theatre’s schedule to discover what’s being played during your holiday. It’s so easy to customize an experience that you don’t know what to expect next. People from across the world come to Memphis just in order to enter the theater. The Orpheum Theatre should be on your list of things to see and do in the Memphis area. Whatever kind of drama you prefer will likely give you goosebumps when you visit.

27. Memphis Riverboats

There’s something about riverboats that just screams “adventure.” Whether it’s the Mississippi River itself or one of its many tributaries, riverboats offer a unique way to explore and experience a body of water. And if you’re looking for a riverboat adventure, there’s no better place to start than Memphis, Tennessee.

 Memphis is home to a number of riverboats, including the famed Memphis Queen. The Memphis Queen is a replica of a 19th-century paddle-wheeler and offers cruises down the Mississippi River. You can choose from a variety of cruise options, including lunch and dinner cruises, as well as private charter cruises.

In addition to the Memphis Queen, there are a number of other riverboats in Memphis that offer cruises and tours. The American Queen, for example, offers cruises down the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee rivers. The paddle-wheeler Delta Queen offers cruises on the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Cumberland rivers. And the sternwheeler Natchez offers cruises on the Mississippi River.

No matter which riverboat you choose, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your riverboat adventure today!

Final Thoughts

Memphis is a city with a lot of history and culture. There are plenty of things to do in the city, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or something more low-key. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out some of these great attractions. The city has been home to many influential musicians.

In addition to its food and music scenes, Memphis is also significant for its role in the civil rights movement. There’s no need to be bored in Memphis. In fact, there are plenty of fun things to do in this lively city. Whether you’re interested in arts and culture, history, food, or just having a good time, Memphis has something for you.

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