10 Best Miami Sunset Cruises and Tours For Amazing Vibe

Miami is perfect for people who love watching the sunset. When you’re in Miami, you can see the sky change into many beautiful colors over the ocean. Miami Sunset Cruises lets you see this from the water, making it even more special.

Each sunset is different. Going on a cruise in Miami during this time is a great thing to do. It’s even better when you’re with family or friends. After the sun sets, Miami’s nightlife begins, and it’s full of fun and energy.

So, take a Miami Sunset Cruise if you want to see a beautiful sunset and enjoy Miami nightlife later. Ready to embark on this mesmerizing journey? Dive into our list of the top ten sunset cruises in Miami and prepare to be enchanted.

What is sunset in Miami time?

Sunset time in Miami varies throughout the year due to its tropical location. In the winter months, around December, the sun usually sets between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. As we move into the summer months, particularly around June, sunset can be as late as 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. However, the exact time can vary slightly each day. For a precise sunset time on a specific date, it’s best to check a reliable local weather website or a dedicated astronomical site that provides daily sunrise and sunset times for Miami.

10 Spectacular Miami sunset cruises

Miami is ideal for those seeking breathtaking sunset views from a cruise. While choices among cruise companies vary based on price and luxury levels, one thing is clear: Miami reigns supreme as the world’s cruise capital. Below is a list of sunset cruises in Miami.

1. Miami Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Miami Sunset Cruise: A vibrant boat floats in the water during a Miami sunset cruise.

Take a two-hour trip along Miami’s beautiful shoreline to relax on the Miami Sunset Cocktail Cruise. As the sun sets, you will enjoy a variety of wines, beers, prosecco, and frozen cocktails while watching Miami’s nighttime skyline light up. This voyage is sensory, not just about drinks. The beautiful views and calm, diverse music create an excellent setting to relax and reconnect. The trip offers serenity, whether you’re with family or alone.

During the two-hour tour, visitors receive unlimited drinks to enjoy the views. As night falls, Miami’s cityscape transforms with lights glistening and reflecting off the sea, creating a relaxing and magical atmosphere.

Although this is a laid-back experience, seats on this exclusive cruise are in demand. Early booking is recommended to ensure your spot on this voyage of relaxation. It’s essential to understand that this isn’t your typical party cruise; it’s a curated experience designed to help you unwind, soak in the beauty of Miami, and lose yourself in an eclectic blend of harmonious melodies.

A. Cocktail and Cancellation Policy for the Miami Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Your ticket price includes complimentary wine, beer, and frozen cocktails. Book your tickets online or visit the designated stand marked by a red umbrella near the sugar plant. Should you need to cancel, a full refund is offered if done a day in advance. Please note that adverse weather might lead to cruise cancellations. Enjoy unlimited cocktails and take in the spectacular sunset from various spots on the cruise.

B. Views on Miami Sunset Cocktail Cruise:

From the deck, you’ll have sightlines to notable landmarks, including the Miami Arena, Jungle Island, Star Island, and Fisher Island. Before securing a ticket, always check availability online, as the cruise timings may adjust slightly based on the sunset. While snacks can be purchased onboard, service animals are welcome. There aren’t strict age restrictions, but always review the guidelines beforehand.

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2. Happy Hour 90-Minute Sightseeing Cruise

Miami Sunset Cruises

Experience the Miami skyline in all its glory during sunset on a 90-minute cruise. This journey sails between Miami Beach and the Venetian Islands, offering panoramic views of iconic spots like the Bayside Market, Miami Port, and Miami City Center. With only 120 seats available, offered in both English and Spanish, booking early is recommended. Upon booking, you’ll receive a confirmation from the company.

A. Amenities and Services

It’s most convenient to reserve your seats online and pay in person. Navigate from Miami to 401 Biscayne Boulevard for the most affordable cruise rates. The cruise boasts amenities like air-conditioned interiors, bars, separate restrooms, and knowledgeable guides providing insights into Miami’s culture and history in both Spanish and English. Note that drinks and food are not complimentary.

B. Payment and Departure Details

Payments at the bar are cash-only. Wheelchair accessibility is available for travelers. The refund

policy mirrors that of Castaway’s The Day Sunset Cruise. Ensure to request refunds at least 24 hours prior to departure. Unfortunately, lost items are not eligible for reimbursement.

3. Biscayne Bay Sunset Sailing Adventure in Miami

Miami Sunset Cruises: A white boat cruising through the water during a Miami sunset.

Enjoy a sunset on Biscayne Bay, Miami, with a close-knit sailing trip. You can take along a small group of friends or family, as it accommodates three to five people. For larger groups, consider booking two separate trips. Reserve your spots online or in person.

A. What to Expect

Get ready for a memorable time sailing Biscayne Bay. This tour has been running successfully since 2018. And the good news? You don’t need to bring snacks or water; everything’s provided. All of this comes at an affordable rate of $129. Just a heads up, sometimes plans might change due to unforeseen reasons.

B. Departure and Cancellation Rules

If you cancel a day before the trip, there’s no fee. But a fee applies if you cancel within 24 hours of setting sail. Unfortunately, partial cancellations aren’t allowed. Always check the weather updates sent to your phone or email a day before your trip. Because this tour is outdoors, bad weather might lead to changes.

4. Miami’s Romantic Sunset Boat and Celebrity Homes

A couple enjoying a Miami sunset cruise on a boat's deck.

Experience Miami’s captivating ocean and skyline on a romantic boat cruise. Savor a beverage, admire Miami’s towering structures, and let the sea breeze sweep over you. While the tour sails near celebrity homes, you can personalize your route. Share a memorable Miami sunset with your loved one during this two-hour journey.


  • Customize your route for an additional captain’s fee of $30 per hour. The standard boat size ranges from sixteen to twenty-one feet.
  • The fee is $40 per hour for a larger, thirty-foot boat.
  • The cruise accommodates between two to ten passengers.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older; children aren’t allowed.
  • This is strictly a sightseeing tour; activities like swimming are prohibited.
  • Please refrain from bringing heavy items, glassware, or high heels.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling is free but should be requested at least three days in advance.
  • Tickets are priced at $130.

5. Private Sunset Boat Tour

A group of people enjoying a Miami sunset cruise on a docked boat.

Experience Miami like never before on a private sunset boat tour. As you glide along the city’s scenic waterfront with a glass of champagne, you’ll have a chance to uncover hidden spots and see iconic landmarks. Tickets start at just $133, and you have the option to book online or pay in person on the tour day.


  • View: Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and a complimentary bottle of champagne. The tour covers popular spots like Nixon Sandbar, Miami Bay, and Star Island. Plus, you have the flexibility to play your own tunes via Bluetooth.
  • Safety: The cruise is routinely checked to ensure top safety standards, letting guests focus on the breathtaking sunset hues.
  • Facilities: Along with champagne, the company offers a Bluetooth-enabled radio and a cooler filled with ice. Unfortunately, restrooms are not onboard, and the tour isn’t suitable for pregnant women or those with mobility or back issues.
  • Requirements: There’s an additional captain’s fee of $30 per hour. Guests should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Note that champagne is only for those 21 and older, and tours might be rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions.

6. Private Charter Sunset Yacht with Captain

A white boat is floating in the water during a Miami sunset cruise.

Imagine sailing on the vast blue ocean in Miami on your very own private yacht. Choosing the captain with a private yacht rental is your best bet for witnessing a Miami sunset. Unwind with a refreshing glass of wine, leaving behind life’s daily stresses. All of this comes at a reasonable rate of $870. Before making a reservation, it’s essential to check availability online. The yacht can accommodate up to 10 people, with typical tours lasting between two and four hours. Onboard, a bilingual guide fluent in both English and Spanish will accompany you.


  • View: Enjoy sights of playful dolphins, lavish millionaire homes, and Miami’s rich and famous residences. You can enhance the mood by connecting your music through Bluetooth. And rest assured, your captain will be US Coast Guard-certified, guaranteeing a safe journey. Highlights include the sunset, Biscayne Bay, and Bal Harbor views.
  • Restrictions: Smoking, bringing pets, wine, and glass items are not permitted.
  • Facilities: The package includes the private yacht itself, an ice cooler, complimentary champagne, and insurance. There’s an additional captain’s fee of $50 per hour. Please note that guests need to cover their food and towel expenses.

7. Biscayne Bay Intimate Sailing Adventure

A woman is standing on the back of a sailboat during a Miami sunset cruise.

Set sail on a captivating journey on a cozy sailboat through the shimmering waters of Biscayne Bay. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, an exciting adventure, or the romance of a sunset, this cruise promises an unforgettable experience. As you glide along the bay, you’ll be surrounded by its stunning beauty. To keep your energy up, complimentary snacks and beverages are on offer throughout the trip.

Facilities and Guidelines:

  • Included: You’ll have access to snorkeling equipment, letting you dive into crystal-clear waters. Plus, capture the memories with permitted photos and videos.
  • Refreshments: Complimentary snacks and drinks ensure you’re fueled for the adventure.
  • Safety: For safety reasons, children under two years old are not allowed on board.
  • Duration: Plan for a 3–4 hour sailing journey.
  • Pricing: Tickets are reasonably priced at $115. Should your plans change, there’s a flexible refund policy – just make sure to request a refund at least 24 hours before departure.

8. South Beach Sundown Party Boat

A captivating Miami sunset cruise showcasing breathtaking city views from a boat at night.

Imagine the vibrant energy of Miami’s nightlife on the water! The South Beach Sundown Party Cruise offers just that, creating a unique blend of relaxation and revelry. As the golden hues of the setting sun paint the sky, the cruise ship transforms into a lively party hub. With the silhouette of Miami as a backdrop, the boat comes alive with pulsating beats that encapsulate the true essence of South Beach.

Whether you’re dancing to the latest chart-toppers or sipping on a cocktail, every moment on this cruise is imbued with the magic of Miami. The twinkling city lights, the gentle sway of the waves, and the infectious energy make it an experience like no other. Meet fellow travelers, make new friends, or simply soak in the ambiance as the rhythms of South Beach create an unforgettable atmosphere. This isn’t just a cruise; it’s a glimpse into the soul of Miami’s nightlife, all while enjoying the serene beauty of the ocean.

The adventure lasts two hours, and prices start at $30. Enjoy free cancellation if you cancel at least 24 hours before departure.

What to expect

Are you a solo adventurer, part of a couple, or traveling with friends? This tour is perfect for you, especially if you’re keen to mingle with fellow travelers in Cartagena.

  1. Rooftop Introduction: Your evening kicks off at a trendy rooftop bar. Here, you’ll get acquainted with your hosts and other party enthusiasts while soaking in the picturesque views of Centro Historico.
  2. Local Bar Delight: You’ll be led to a lively local bar next. As you step in, you will be handed a round of Tequila shots! Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance and dance your heart out.
  3. Street Food Stroll: As you meander through the old town’s cobblestone streets, there’s an opportunity to try out some delectable street food. Remember, this is an optional treat and comes at an extra cost.
  4. The City’s Premier Venue: The climax of your night is a visit to the city’s most sought-after venue. With live music echoing through its walls and multiple floors to explore, you’re in for a treat. Don’t worry about entry fees; they’re all taken care of.

9. Miami Pontoon Party Cruise with Water Toys

A group of people on a Miami sunset cruise.

Experience the vibrant Miami coastline on a spacious pontoon boat outfitted with an array of water toys for an enhanced sea adventure. The Miami Pontoon Party Cruise isn’t just about soaking up the views; it’s an interactive journey designed for water lovers. Dive into pristine waters using the onboard snorkeling gear, lounge on inflatable floaters, or amp up the excitement with the available jet skis and paddleboards. As the boat glides, the Miami skyline, celebrity homes, and picturesque islands unfold before you, setting the stage for a memorable ocean party.

Whether celebrating an occasion or just seeking a unique marine escapade with friends, this cruise offers the perfect blend of relaxation and thrill. The serene ocean sounds, lively music, and the boat’s gentle sway create an exhilarating and laid-back atmosphere. Dive in for a sun-soaked day of unforgettable water fun.

What’s Included:

  • Professional Captain
  • Friendly Crew
  • 3-hour scenic cruise
  • Refreshments: Bottled water with ice and cooler provided
  • Fun Gear: Paddleboard, trampoline, and a floating mat
  • Entertainment: Onboard music speakers


  • Not intended for individuals below 21 years of age.
  • Not accessible for wheelchair users.

Booking Details:

  • Participant: Adult (up to 99 years old)
  • Date Options: 2023
  • Language Options: English, Spanish

Key Tips For The Trip:

  • Bring along your ID or Passport.
  • Pack swimwear, an extra outfit, and a towel.
  • Don’t forget to carry your own special food and drinks.
  • Apply sunscreen for sun protection.

10. South Beach Sail Splash on Caribbean Spirit

To truly experience the essence of this radiant city, you need to set sail on the Caribbean Spirit Sunset Sail. As the sun’s golden hues paint the sky, this cruise offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of Miami’s island life.

Onboard the Caribbean Spirit; the atmosphere is electric. The melodies of Caribbean music fill the air, setting the tone for a magical evening. Each note evokes the feeling of being on a tropical island, far away from the bustling streets of Miami. As you float along, the boat’s gentle rocking and soothing tunes offer a sense of tranquility that’s hard to find elsewhere. This isn’t just a cruise; it’s an escape to paradise right in the heart of Miami. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Caribbean Spirit Sunset Sail is a must-experience journey that captures the soul of Miami in the most delightful way.

Refund & Rescheduling Terms

For a complete refund, ensure you cancel your booking a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled start of the experience. If you withdraw within 24 hours of the event’s commencement, we won’t be able to reimburse the fee. Changes made within this 24-hour window won’t be processed. All timelines are set to the local time of the experience.

Conclusion: Breathtaking Miami sunsets and evening cruises

Miami is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and beautiful beaches. Taking a sunset cruise is a great way to soak in the city’s romantic vibes in the evening. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or a fun outing with friends, sunset cruises are top picks. You can even rent a private cruise for your group, but remember, captain’s and rental fees are charged separately.

There are over 30 companies offering cruise services, each with its own pricing and amenities. It’s crucial to do your homework before picking one. We’ve narrowed down a list of ten cruises for you. Some offer conveniences like wheelchair access and restrooms, while others might not. Some cruises provide light refreshments, while others serve full meals. Prices can vary widely, starting at $30 for a short 45-minute ride and going up to $700+ for a private cruise experience.

Always check the route, refund policies, insurance coverage, and safety protocols before making a choice. If you’re in Miami Beach and looking for a unique experience, don’t miss out on this.

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